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About Adams Leather

Four years ago, I had the idea of crafting leather accessories for pets. Being very artistic and passionate about dogs, I told myself I could craft collars worthy of them! I threw myself head first into this new found dream! I went ahead and bought my first hides, my first tools, and started working the leather. It took a lots of hard work for me to officially start my business and start posting on social media. My goal behind all of this was to offer high quality leather accessories and dog collars, all of them 100% hand made.


In case you weren't aware of this, all my collars are hand sewn, no sewing machine used. After some time, I've build my confidence and tried crafting some new things such as hand bags, wallets, camera straps, and even more stuff! I'm fulfilling my dream while happily working from home, full time, alongside my dogs.   None of this would have came to be if all of you, my precious customers, wouldn't have believed in me. I'm eternally grateful and thank all of you, a thousand times over, for supporting me and my business! Good to know All of my leather accessories are handmade with love.


All of my creations are handmade to mimic the same quality as the antiques. Please note that all of my products are made to order, including my already existing models. In other words, this means that you get to chose : The leather colour The designs The colour for the padding The width And more! When it comes to the leather, I select them to be high quality, comfortable and of course extremely durable. I mainly use vegetable tanned leather, meaning that the leather has been tanned with natural products (such as plants, bark, etc). Did you know that leather accessories are the most durable?

Leather dog collar



Here are my two main models who inspire me and test all of my products before they officially go for sale. Both my dogs are working lines German shepherds. Adams is an 8 year  male, while her daughter, Mercredi, is 4 year old. They both look alike even though 20 lbs sets them apart!

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