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Custom Creation 

Here you can create your very own customized collar Simply write down your desired theme (see below), or you could leave me with artistic freedom for its creation. We will see together what is possible when it comes to the size and width of the collar.


To finalize your submission, we will discuss how long it will take for me to craft it and see how long it'll be before I can get started on your order. Theme examples : Viking, steam punk, fruits, etc. ​If you have a specific idea in mind, please do contact me on my Facebook page.


You will be able to tell me exactly what you want, thus making sure the final result is what you had in mind and fit your needs. Please note, The wider the collar is, the more possibilities there are when it comes down to details in the design.


For collars that are narrow, they are by default quite limited space wise, it has to be considered when it comes to its design. For very detailed collar design, the ideal width is at least 1.5 inch.

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Information I need

Dog breed: 

How old is your dog: 

Width of the desired collar (ex 2 in)  : 

Theme of choice:

Measurement of your dog's neck: 

Send the information here:  

Here is another way to know which collar size to choose! Measure from the beginning of the collar (without calculating the buckle) to the hole where he usually wears it!


Clip collar  ? Measure it from end to end by calculating only one of the two parts of the clip. The collar should already be fitted to your dog's neck!

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